Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Keep your entire E-Tendering Contract Electronic with Lotusprocure.in

Lotusprocure.in   offers you an electronic bidding platform that allows all communications between the bidders and the public body, electronically, safely and in compliance with current legislation.
The entire process is carried out by guaranteeing the necessary legal and technical requirements, as well as compliance with the principles of freedom of access to bids, publicity, and transparency of procedures, non-discrimination and equal treatment among bidders. We thus ensure free competition and the selection of the most advantageous offer.

The e-tendering bidder system constitutes a complete environment that offers a summary:

  • Agile communication with suppliers
  •  A powerful tool for preparing offers
  • The electronic presentation of offers
  •  Electronic auction
  • Management of corrections
  • Clarification management
  • Management of participation requests
  • Management of negotiated offers
  • Streamlining system
  • Full integration with the Platform for the Processing of Procurement Records

The bidding companies can:
  • Consult the files
  • Receive notifications depending on the deadlines and the nature of the bids in progress
  • Access all the information collected during the process
  • Present e-Tendering Contract electronically, with full confidentiality guarantee through the most advanced encryption mechanisms

The Contractor body gets:
  • The full digitization of your procedures in the field of recruitment
  • Generation of a purchase need
  • Approvals
  • Receiving offers
  • Evaluation of offers
  •  Award
  • Follow up of the contract
  • Closing of the file
The platform includes all the legal and technical requirements to grant validity to the bidding process and communications between the body and the bidders. For this, it has the electronic registration and the shipping documents.
Access to the electronic bidding platform is done via the web so that the user can connect at any time and from anywhere.
Lotusprocure.in   stands out as a leader and main actor in the implementation of platforms for Electronic Contracting, Electronic Tendering and Management of Procurement Records in India, and one of the main references in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.).

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