Sunday, 8 October 2017

Why to Rely on e-Tendering Contract Electronic Model

In view of the rapid expansion of dynamic electronic procurement, it is appropriate to define an e-tendering bidder system. This e-Tendering Contract electronic model of relies on platforms or shared resources online and has proven to be effective both for the private sector and for the public sector because it enables:
  • Publicize the competition with download of sheets and other complementary documentation.
  •   Electronic submission of bids (encrypted and signed).
  • To open the offers presented through electronic systems at the corresponding hiring tables.
  •   Manage the electronic notifications that may be needed during the procedure.
  •   Publish the classification of the bidder and the subsequent award of the contract.
  •   Sign the contract through electronic systems.
  • The final objective is to carry out a public procurement in which all phases of the procedure are carried out by electronic means.
Advantages e-tendering bidder system for all:
  • Elimination of geographical and temporary barriers (24x7).
  • Simplification and agility in the access to the procedures of hiring of the public administration.
  • Reduction of costs in the negotiations.
  • Greater speed and agility in the conclusion of contracts and in their phases.
  • Market expansion.
  • Security and speed of communications.
  • Permanent access to all the information of the process in the different phases.
  • It integrates, simplifies and normalizes the processes of supply, evaluation and adjudication between public administrations and private companies.
  • Save the costs of management and adjudication of procurement procedures.
  • Reduction of contracting deadlines.
  • Absolute transparency of all phases of the offer, evaluation and award of contracts.
  •  It increases the security and confidentiality of the process.
The main economic benefit of e-procurement & e-tendering bidder system as a service (ie as an electronic platform hosted in the cloud and shared by several public entities through secure Internet communication channels) for public administrations and bidders is the saving up to 20% of the costs of management and adjudication of the procedures.

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