Monday, 23 October 2017

How Does Electronic Tendering Bidder System Work?

An increasing number of distributors are making the electronic offer for sale possible. There are currently several solutions for this e-procurement , which allow you to process and assemble your offers. The E-Tendering Bidding system allows managing the different phases of the contracting process from the publication of the procurement procedures and the opening of the deadline for submitting bids until the signing of the contract. Check out these a few important points which are supported by this system.

Security in Access of the System
  • E-Tendering Bidding system may be accessed by any renderer who has a digital certificate issued by a recognized certification body. 
  • Electronic tendering bidder system is a completely secure system, since the offers received are automatically encrypted and cannot be opened until the opening of the hiring table, thus ensuring the integrity and security of the bids submitted by the bidders. Once the content is deciphered, the table can continue its work as in the usual procedures.
  • The documentation submitted by the bidders will also be corrected electronically, as well as the communication of the corresponding tables.
Ease of use of the Processing and administration of the tender documents
  • Download electronic tender documents directly
  • Automatic synchronization with platform, ie updated documents are available as soon as the bidding assistant is started next time
  • Additional information by e-mail about changes
  • Comfortable and clear management of the tender documents
  • Easy processing of the offer documents in the online and offline mode
How Quoting specification for E-Tendering Bidding system
  • Create and submit offers electronically
  •  Support by integrated test and completeness checks
  •   Easy addition of additionally required documents (eg a commercial register withdrawal, etc.)
  •   Collection of additional offers
  •   Creation of an electronic signature and encryption of the offer files for the transmission
  •   Withdrawing electronically given offers and possibility to submit a new offer
Your advantages as a place of relief in Tendering
  • To carry out tenders in accordance with the law
  •  Provide documentation
  • Exchange of messages
  • Reception of electronic offers
Through Tender bidding solution, a platform is provided that allows the complete bidding process to be handled electronically, with the advantages of availability, security, speed and transparency offered by electronic bidding.

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