Saturday, 19 November 2016

Best Things about Electronic Tendering

Electronic tendering is an online procedure that deals with the tendering cycle from the promotion of the notice straight through to the issuing of an honor. It gives a concentrated procedure to help associations enhance efficiencies and responsibility reducing traditional Tendering cost.

E- tendering, in its least complex frame, is portrayed as the electronic distributing, conveying, getting to, accepting and submitting of each of the tender related data and documentation through the web, in this manner replacing the traditional paper-based tender procedures, and accomplishing a more productive and viable business handle for all partners included.

Lotus Procure provides you the facilities to create any type of tenders; you can create 2 Envelop Tenders or 3 Envelop Tenders and also can choose the tender type as Percentage Rate Tender, Lump sum Rate Tender, Items Rate Tender, Item vise selection Tender and Open Tender.

Why E-tendering - The Shift to an Electronic Environment

Generally the tender procedure was a paper based framework. Be that as it may, a few variables have prompt to the expanding utilization of electronic tendering, including:

(1) Increasing use of technology across industries

(2) The reality that the considerable exchange of information between various parties during tendering process means an electronic system is more efficient and minimizes paper and waste

(3) Increasing cases as well as quantum of corruption across spectrum.

E-Tendering - Tools & Techniques

The essential elements of electronic tendering make the offering procedure less demanding for both purchasers and providers. Electronic Tendering sites can incorporate extra propelled usefulness to further profit both the purchaser and provider groups. These include: "By welcome" Tendering , Electronic Bid Submission , Virtual Plans Rooms , Awards Notification, Bid Receiving Application, Management Reporting.

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