Thursday, 22 September 2016

We launched an open source project called “LotusProcure”

 The time has come to change how governments actualize their obtainment processes and what data they release. They need to the most suitable strategy to address the issues of both the provider and the public. Especially, when special software can so easily promote accountability and transparency.
OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. is designed to help public administrations in India avoid being locked-in to rigid, closed, and costly Procurement systems.
Lotus Procure is a product of OSMO IT Solution Pvt. Ltd; Lotus Procure is designed to be automated and scalable. Accessibility, transparency of tendering process, electronic documents, detailed reporting - these are benefits of using this e-Procurement. Lotus Procure is flexible enough to handle all government and private sector procurements. Lotus Procure is a great web application, and under this application; government agency can do easily their e-Tenders, e-Auction, RFX Management,)
Lotus Procure is an open source e-procurement, lists public agencies and their respective procurement thresholds. Lotus Procure identifies the amount under which a government agency can purchase a product or a service without having to solicit competitive bids. Lotus Procure implementing a change to procurement system for all government and private sector in the country to first consider use as free of cost on government department end.

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