Friday, 9 September 2016

Benefits of Indent Management System
Indent Management System (IMS) is a complete arrangement in e-procurement process. It takes into account totally following and administration of goods, administrations, resources ordered, acquired, in stock and out of stock things.

The e-procurement value chain comprises of Indent Management System, e-Informing, e-Tendering, e-Auctioning, seller administration, index administration, Purchase Order Integration, Order Status, Ship Notice, e-invoicing, e-installment, and contract administration. Indent administration is the work process required in the arrangement of tenders.

Benefits provided by the System

  • Improved proficiency through decreased process duration for preparing tenders.
  • Saving in expenses and time, as there is no compelling reason to distribute delicate notification in daily papers. 
  • Since bidders take part with namelessness, there is no degree for cartel development. 
  • Those who need to delicate can take part openly and valiantly in a reasonable situation. 
  • Transparency during the time spent offering. 
  • Improvement in work society in all the taking an interest divisions. 
  • Build-up of important database on products, administrations, works and temporary workers. 
  • Economies of scale because of conglomeration of necessities.
  • Improved access to acquirement data and diagnostic reports

The e-procurement model goes beyond the existing e-tendering process. It includes:

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