Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How does an e-Procurement system help undertake difficulty?

Lotus Procure e-Procurement system wills ‘hard- hard code’ greater efficiencies in to the tender process and radically increase the cost-effectiveness of supplier management.

Via choosing the
Lotus Procure e-Procurement solution, organizations will reduce the administrative load related with procurement, shorten the timeframes for switching suppliers and see an ample reduction in their expenditure. Lotus Procure e-Procurement solution should remove the process load from procurement staff and allow them to focal point on the detail and adding value to the process.
Lotus Procure e-Procurement solution will help you;
  • Transparency,     
  • Automate Comparison & Analysis,    
  • Openness & Accountability,    
  •  Increase Competition.     
  • Platform and Browser Independent Solution based on Open Source Technology    
  • PKI Digital Signature based Solution with data signing and encryption      
  • Supports easy integration with other business solutions present in your business   
  • It is secure and temper-free hence allowing no data manipulation or corruption

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