Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Get information about online tender system

India is the developing nation and therefore many private and government tenders are always continue.This vast nation needs a better system for allotting any tender to right hands.Tendering process is the most important process in this whole system of completing any project. India is now moving very rapidly to implementing the online tender system.
The e-procurement system is the better and quick as compared to conventional tendering process in which large paper works frustrating always to both the bidder and tender releasing authority. E-Tender is comparison fast and reliable process.

As per Finance Ministry, Government of India w.e.f, 01-04-2016;They have not initiated e-procurement solution may use the e-procurement solution for end-to-end e-Procurement system is mandatory for all government department for calling of Rs.2 Lacs and above of Tender.

LotusProcure: A complete end-to-end procurement solution provider in India. Include;
 (e-RFX Management |Indent Management |e-Tendering| e-Auction | Contract Management)

  • Digital Signature based Solution with data signing and encryption
  • Supports easy integration with other business arrangements present in your business
  • It is secure and temper-free hence allowing no data operation or fraud

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